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Please see below a list of services we can provide and tailor to your specific requirements.
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Static Guarding

Static guarding offered by Odin Security will involve regular and thorough patrolling of any site. This will help maintain a regular presence on a site and prevent any loss, damage or potential intruder from being given an opportunity to access a site undetected. 

Door Supervisors

Door supervisors from Odin Security always reflect high standards set by the industry. They will always interact with clients, staff and customers professionally and respectfully. Providing a first class customer service is our main goal. Starting at the main entrance as the first point of contact to leaving with a thank you and a goodnight at the end of the evening, our services will be tailored to your venue. 

Within this, we also offer taxi calling, car door opening and closing for VIP guests, umbrella holding to keep guests dry and assisting any disabled and or vulnerable guests in any way possible, at any given time.

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile security patrols are a very cost-effective way of presenting a visible deterrent when full time security is not practical. Each and every patrol would be tailored to a client’s needs for their site. We can work from a tailored system or move up to bar code scanning log systems, as internal and external systems are offered. We will also offer digital camera services to enhance incident reports where necessary. 

Where possible, we will combine mobile and static guarding to provide an internal and external all-in-one cross-over service. This may also involve key holding, opening, closing and securing the premises. 

Event Management

Here at Odin Security Service, event management is a specialty service we offer from the very beginning of any event. We can offer help and advice on running a successful event. We offer all security staff – NVQ trained stewarding staff, first aid trained staff and fully trained to Fifa standard control radio operators and radio systems. Options in our tailored packages can include securing money on site, patrolling car parking sites, holding all entries and safe exit points and all VIP arrival and departure services. We will offer all the correct policies on health and safety and lost children. Our highly trained staff excel in crowd management, while always being customer focused.

We aim to have a successful event with all health and safety requirements understood and strictly followed by our staff. We also offer a trained health and safety advisory for any needs you may have, which can also be on-site throughout the event if requested.

Event Security and Stewarding

We have years of experience in this field from concerts ( indoor and outdoor) to sporting events, festivals, parades, race meetings, annual general meetings, business dinners, social events auctions, weddings and party security. 

We provide full risk assessments to ensure every specific need for any event and from your tailored package is met. This may include emergency liaison, contingency evacuation procedures, ingress and egress, close protection services, SIA (security industry authority ) security staff, stewards, crowd management, search teams, response teams, backstage security and car parking. We will seamlessly blend in to any event. 

Health and Safety Advice

Odin offers a full health and safety advisory service. A health and safety adviser will coordinate with our clients wanting to use this service to produce and oversee all health and safety policies for your work place, i.e an event or location of work. 

We aim protect customer service users and staff from potential accidents, slip trips and falls. We manage staff and customer dangers and recognise any and all safety hazards.

Abandoned Building Security

Building security is essential to the prevention of unauthorised entry into vacant and abandoned buildings. Properly securing vacant and abandoned buildings is key to the prevention of crime, fire and deterioration due to exposure to the elements. 


We as a security company will evaluate a vacant/abandoned building and determine the cost and provide a quote on all materials for a reinforced board-up. A structure and a board-up checklist will be given on completion of all works carried out. 

Facilities Management

Odin offers a buildings and grounds full maintenance service with cleaning, catering and vending as well as health and safety procurement and contract management security, space management for all areas of any site, with utilities and communications infrastructure.